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Authoritarianism in Poland · European Politics

Tribunal judgement deepens Poland’s constitutional crisis

The recently elected PiS government in Poland has become even more isolated after its decision to take Poland down an authoritarian path, as the constitutional court has recently ruled against it. As its opponents grow on all sides, what does this mean for Polish democracy?

Democracy in Europe · Refugee Crisis

Turkey’s accession to the EU: a subject we’re really discussing?

Turkey currently is in an ever worsening state of undermining democracy, with President Erdoğan having incredible authoritarian tendencies. So can we really discuss their joining the Union? I thought we valued democracy?

State of the Union Update

State of the Union: Weekend Euro News Update

The Weekly State of the Union Update: European news from over the weekend. This week we have news from Paris, London, Bratislava and Madrid – summaries only with Dimokratía.

Brexit Debate

French leaders weigh into Brexit Debate

With the Brexit debate heating up, it seems more and more foreign officials will be wading in to keep Britain in the EU. But will the latest intervention from France influence British voters in favour of remain?

Authoritarianism in Poland · Press Freedom

The press may not be free in Poland – but what about Germany?

Recent developments in Poland have been widely perceived as undemocratic and authoritarian. However when compared with the state of democracy in the west of Europe, jut how much difference is there?