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What happened in Europe on Friday (#5)

A spectre is haunting Europe. This time it is not the workers’ revolution however, but the white man’s revolution – or, I should rather say, counter-revolution. And we shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking it is simply the white working-class either, but the white people of all classes and all European nations. The form this spectre has taken for the moment is Donald Trump, who arrived in Europe on Wednesday.

A Republic of Letters · European Politics

What happened in Europe on Friday (#4)

Two stories on European follies today; the ongoing Migration saga of Europe, and the Greek ‘debt relief’ agreed on Thursday night. They are contrasting examples of eras of European integration: the latter, the last hurrah for the Merkel style of politics that were seemingly going to shape Europe for decades to come; the former, the new Europe, where Merkel is isolated and intergovernmental agreements can no longer be made to look like they suite everyone’s interests.

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What happened in Europe on Friday (#1)

This Friday (1st June), there are two main events emanating from the South that of course demand attention: the moción de censura which passed successfully in the Spanish Congreso in Madrid, and the confirmation in Rome of Italian Prime Minister-Designate, Giuseppe Conte, and the rag-tag band of populists from the Lega (formerly Nord) of Matteo Salvini and Movimento 5 Stella of Luigi Di Maio, who hope they can run a government together.

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On eclipsed ends: ideals and ambitions in search for Europa

One idea left out in the cold, abandoned by this brave new world in which history had ended, was the ‘United States of Europe’. From such a term, it is clear its creators had not intended Garton Ash’s Liberal Order, when they had begun the European Project in 1951. They had envisaged much more. What the term really means has caused much confusion and debate among those who are willing to use it as shorthand for Europe’s ultimate ambition. What most agree on is that it involves federalism.