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Britons in Europe denied right to vote by High Court

On Thursday the UK High Court ruled against extending the voting franchise to Britons living in Europe for over 15 years. Surely this is a gross injustice and a spit in the eye of democrats across Britain and Europe? An analysis and comment.

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A Travesty for the Civilised World

An unravelling of the EU would be a major setback for European civilisation, and could cause major shock waves across our geopolitical system – why we must avoid the disintegration of the Union at all cost.

State of the Union Update

State of the Union: Weekend Euro News Update

Weekend updates from across the Union; Austrian Presidential elections, Obama’s visit to Europe and the growing protest movement in Paris. Summaries only with Dimokratía.

The New Economics

The New Economics – Labour restarts the national debate

John Mcdonnell is touring up and down the country right now delivering lectures with intellectual heavyweights on the New Economics. On Wednesday, he came to Manchester with Paul Mason; read my coverage of this tectonic shift in economic discussion, and why it is so important we all get involved.

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The 2015 watershed – the year the consensus broke

Time after time in 2015, the EU lost democratic contests, showed itself as incompetent and ineffective. Anti-establishment feeling is rampant in the EU today; is there anything which can turn the tide in favour of the Union?

Euro News Memos

Euro News Memo

Readers, After a long absence, and a much needed break, I am pleased to announce that I am returning to this blog and with it am bringing my views once again. Admittedly this wasn’t a difficult decision, I enjoy writing my views too much to stay away for too long. However, it has nevertheless been… Continue reading Euro News Memo