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National capitals are all that’s left of this European Union

Europe has long been a discussion over a Europe of states and Europe of citizens. However the Europe we have today is neither. As Europeans, we will have to make a choice between the two before the forces unleashed by this Europe overwhelms us all.

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A defence of the European Union

Here I provide an essay I recently had to write regarding the reasons why the European Union is so much further integrated that other free-trade areas. In it can also be found nuggets of my beliefs as to why the Union should exist at all.

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European Nations, or a European Nation? The persistent debate of national sovereignty

The European nations are some of the oldest and most developed in the world. But does that make them more legitimate than the Union? What is the role of the nation state in modern Europe, and why is it so important?


FDP calls for the creation of a European Army

Leader of the German FDP, Christian Lindner, has called for the creation of a European Army. Is this a realistic proposal, in the modern context with right-wing populism on the rise in Europe?

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A Democratic Deficit

It is certainly true that the EU has a democratic deficit in comparison to the established national democracies of Europe. Here’s my take on the causes and how to fix them