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On Spain, Greece, Italy and our plans for a European movement to democratise the EU – Interview: L’Espresso

Originally posted on Yanis Varoufakis:
The English text of the answers I sent to L’Espresso follows. The interview covers the Spanish elections, the latest from Greece’s never ending depression and, more importantly, a foreshadowing of the pan-European movement (not party!) that will be launched in February – with a simple, but radical, agenda of democratising…

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Shifts to extremes: the current path of Europe’s electorates

Over the past year, the rising tide of anti-establishmentism has posed itself as a major threat to Europe’s moderate, centrist establishment parties. Can this tide be countered, and can the European centre truly satisfy the demands of the people? Do they even want to? The establishment will have to answer these questions themselves if they want to remain in power.