Dr Schäuble’s Plan for Europe: Do Europeans approve? – English version of my article in Die Zeit

Originally posted on Yanis Varoufakis:
On 15th July 2015 Die Zeit published this piece. Here is the original English language version. The reason five months of negotiations between Greece and Europe led to impasse is that Dr Schäuble was determined that they would. By the time I attended my first Brussels meetings in early February,…

Brexit Debate

Foreign Powers rally to keep Britain in Europe

Foreign powers are seriously putting up a fight – including strong-arming Britain in this case – to the keep the country a part of the EU. Is that the right way to go about this campaign?

Migration Crisis

Europe’s Migration Crisis: yet another fence

As if the governments of Europe hadn’t realised this was not going to work, yet another fence has been erected on Europe’s borders.


Case 1: Portugal – leftist surge threatens ‘star pupil’s’ progress

The impasse created in the Portuguese elections held at the beginning of the month has turned into a democratic crisis that will be picked up by every euro-sceptic in Europe


The Eurozone: Austerity can only go so far

Eurozone austerity has been for many nations the key battle ground over their debate on the EU. It’s time we all realised a different course in required to make real change.

Democratic Deficit · Integration

A Democratic Deficit

It is certainly true that the EU has a democratic deficit in comparison to the established national democracies of Europe. Here’s my take on the causes and how to fix them