Euro News Memos

Euro News Memo

As a result of my weekend of relaxation, I have been unable to write any articles for today. A memo explaining the situation.


All European states are small; just not all of them know that yet

Europe has changed much since the days before the EU, but it seems like eurosceptics haven’t quite noticed that yet; a comment on the current state of affairs in Europe, and how we need each other now more than ever before.


Irish general election; another austerity government to fall?

A review of the current situation in the Irish elections; with the mainstream parties stalling, it seems that once again a divided parliament a result of Sparpolitik will arise in Europe.

State of the Union Update

State of the Union: Weekend Euro News Update

Summaries of Euro news from over the weekend, only with Dimokratía; this week we have news from Saxony, Athens, Rome and Madrid.

Brexit Debate · Migration Crisis

Review – European Council Emergency Summit

The story so far on the 2-day Emergency European Council summit, held to clear up the last of the negotiations on the British question, and finally get to grips with the refugee crisis – the story going into the summit.

Democracy in Europe

Democracy in Europe; such a radical idea?

European democracy is hard fought for and today the launch of a movement like DiEM25 is attacked for its belief that democratising Europe is possible. Just how radical is European democracy?