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Hollande’s last battle – France’s paralysed economy

With the French economy still stagnant, President Hollande gears up for another round of policies to kick-start the French economy; commentators fear this will not be enough for permanent change however.

Brexit Debate

EU membership crucial to the Irish peace-process, says Kenny

An article about the potential impact that a Brexit could have on Anglo-Irish relations, trade as well as the Peace Process in Northern Ireland, all of which could be damaged by Brexit.

State of the Union Update

State of the Union: Weekend Euro News Update

European news update, covering stories from Spain, Greece, Germany and the UK; pension reforms cause trouble in Athens, migrant camps in northern France are rapidly deteriorating in their conditions and perhaps a breakthrough is seen in the Spanish political deadlock – summaries with the HP.

Democracy in Europe

On the need to democratise Europe – Real News Network

Originally posted on Yanis Varoufakis:
Varoufakis gives reason behind his new movement to be announced in February, ‘Democracy in Europe’, and he highlights the crucial lack of democracy in European decision making where is matters. Yanis Varoufakis View original post Advertisements

Euro News Memos

Euro News Memo

With the week coming to a close, I take a quick look at a couple of today’s stories and explain what’ll be happening next week on the HP.

Deadlock in Madrid · European Politics

Spanish politics – paralysed and divided

With Spain’s politics remaining stagnant and fractured since the elections in December, observers are still waiting for a breakthrough to be one by the negotiating parties; given recent developments, it seems that time might have come a little closer.

The Chancellor's Europe

Germany’s leadership of the Union

Germany is well known for being the de facto leader of the EU and its most powerful entity. However, there are many reasons to believe this is both not a permanent fixture nor an absolute one now. A commentary.