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Merkel cannot save us: Europe requires new leadership

Europe has faced significant challenges last year, and looks to be facing greater ones this year. But what will it take to halt this slide? Surely a return to the status quo cannot be the answer.

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Martin Schulz demands a “real European government” in the wake of Brexit

Martin Schulz has proposed the conversion of the Commission in a ‘real European government’. An analysis and discussion of this proposal and its meaning for Europe.

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The 2015 watershed – the year the consensus broke

Time after time in 2015, the EU lost democratic contests, showed itself as incompetent and ineffective. Anti-establishment feeling is rampant in the EU today; is there anything which can turn the tide in favour of the Union?

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Renzi is pushing for a change of pace in Europe

Since last December, Matteo Renzi, the Italian Prime Minister, has been launching a series of rhetorical attacks against the Brussels establishment and neoliberal consensus. A review of this change in European politics and its meaning going forward.

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Germany’s leadership of the Union

Germany is well known for being the de facto leader of the EU and its most powerful entity. However, there are many reasons to believe this is both not a permanent fixture nor an absolute one now. A commentary.